Will Stretching Make You Taller? (Shocking Truth)

Ever wonder how to get taller? No, we’re not talking about wearing shoes with a heel lift. We’re talking about whether it’s possible that stretching exercises can actually make you taller. Come with us as we explore this question and share a startling true story that was reported in a mainstream news website. Spoiler alert: yes you can add an inch or two to your height, but probably not as many as you’d like.

Stretching to grow taller

The Science on Stretching to Grow Taller

There is surprisingly little science on stretching to increase physical height. In fact, we’ve not been able to cite any scientific studies that have specifically looked at this question.

However, there are hundreds of studies looking into all the other benefits that regular stretching can achieve. For instance, did you know that daily muscle stretching can enhance blood flow and endothelial function? Something that is important for all of us as we battle the pandemic of inactivity and sitting.

Despite the dearth of scientific research that has been conducted on stretching for tallness, it is widely accepted that bad posture can rob your height of vital inches.

It stands to reason then, that a comprehensive stretching regime – which is known to correct bad posture – will help you regain your optimal height. And as a bonus you’ll, feel great and be healthier!

People Who Have Succeeded in Growing Taller By Stretching

In researching this article we found an amazing story of a 5’2″ lady who grew to 5’4″ over a period of 6 weeks following a unique program. This involved being stretched on a rack (seriously) as well as more conventional exercises derived from pilates and yoga as well as suspension training and plyometric training.

Not only was the program very intense but it was quite expensive too.

So we were delighted to find that the YouTuber AsHBoY stretched every day for 30 days and reported a similar growth of 2 inches!

Watch the video. It was hardly a rigorous scientific study, but the results are impressive and you can see that he was doing simple, straightforward stretches.

The takeaway from this is that it appears you don’t need to hire a specialist trainer to be able to add a couple of inches to your height.

How to Maximize Your Results From Stretching

From all that we’ve read and watched in researching this article, the most important factor in maximizing your results is choosing the right stretches, putting them into a routine and sticking to it for at least 30 days.

Be sure to read through to the end of the article as we can help you with this!

With that said, the other factors of successfully adding height through stretching appear to be built around:

  • Opening the hips to improve hamstring flexibility and reduce lower back tension
  • Correcting upper body alignment and increasing thoracic mobility (mid back)
  • Hanging for decompression (optional)
  • Stretching consistently (6 days per week with 1 day off is recommended by many programs)
  • Patience – your body will take time to adjust, work with it, not against it

Why Stretching is Important For Everyone, Not Just Athletes or Those Wishing to Get Taller

Stretching to Grow Taller

At the beginning of this article we mentioned that stretching is good for endolethial health. If that term doesn’t mean anything to you then check out our article about using desk cycles to combat the effects of sitting all day. We go into a bit more detail about endolethial health and why it’s so important.

Of course there are the more commonly known benefits of stretching to consider too, which include:

  • A reduction in the risk of injuries
  • Increased competence in certain physical activities and exercises

Then there are the psychological benefits of stretching activities such as a reduction in overall stress levels. It seems that a good stretching routine will have benefits on not just the whole body but also on the mind. The possibility of growing taller too is the icing on the cake.

Speaking from experience, we advocate that a solid stretching program should be considered a foundation for physical fitness, no matter what your other fitness goals.

Stretching Tips For all Ages

stretching for all ages

Let’s break this down into groups:

Under 20’s

If you’re under 20 – rejoice!! You’ll respond far quicker to a stretching program than older people. However, you’re less likely to suffer from poor posture and as such may not see the increases in height from stretching that older adults do.

We would encourage you to get into a habit of daily stretching. It will be a good investment that you’ll take all through your life and into your old age.

Working on and improving your flexibility will complement every other aspect of your fitness regime too.

20 to 60

Stretch but don’t push too far too fast as this can be counter-productive.

If you’re short of time due to work and family commitments, find a program that features short stretching workouts and stick to it.

If you’ve made it this far through the article but are still unsure about whether stretching is something that you need to bother with, then read the abstract of this meta-analysis which was attempting to identify whether stretching had any impact on arterial stiffness.

It concluded:

“Muscle stretching exercises were shown to significantly reduce arterial stiffness and improve vascular endothelial function.”

Prior to reading this review, we weren’t aware that high-intensity resistance exercise is associated with increased arterial stiffness.

If that’s the case, it’s vitally important throughout our middle age years to invest the time in stretching. Plus, you stand to make some gains in respect of your height as both the lady in the article linked to above and the YouTuber we featured are in this age group and both achieved excellent results.

Over 60s

As we get older we are more prone to conditions associated with aging such as arthritis which can hamper our mobility and flexibility.

Aside from the natural and unavoidable consequences of aging, a decrease in activity levels associated with getting older also contributes to and magnifies our decreasing flexibility.

However even in old-age flexibility can be regained and significant improvements can be experienced even in those people with arthritis!

So it’s especially important therefore for older people to first make sure that they are engaged in battle against inactivity: walk more, go swimming, follow some gentle aerobics on YouTube.

Sprinkle in some Pilates or a stretching program of your own choice, and you’ll be adding inches to your height in no time!

We believe it’s this age group that has the most to height to gain by following a stretching program. Stick with it and you’ll be walking tall in no time!

Don’t Stretch the Truth

Stretching can improve posture and in doing so, help you fulfill your natural height potential. However, if after reading this article you’re left thinking that following a stretching regime sounds too much like hard work for very little reward then we invite you to read our review of the Hyperbolic Stretching Program. This program not only offers full body flexibility and mobility improvements, but it also develops strength across commonly under-developed areas of the body. This could be your chance to maximise your height potential!

hyperbolic stretching

We have put the system though it’s paces and the review includes the impact the system had on our test-subject’s height.

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