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The Hyperbolic Stretching Program offers a 30-day program consisting of 21 follow-along videos to take you through a complete system of stretching. The program requires the user to complete at least 4, 8 minute sessions each week. The $27 program promises rapid flexibility gains and is backed by a 60-days money back guarantee. We put the program through its paces to see whether our inflexible test-subject can become flexible fast!

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About Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic stretching is the creation of Alex Larsson, a former coder who spent such long hours sitting at his desk that his back, hips and hamstring became so tight that he could barely stand up.

Unhappy at the medical prognosis he was given, he set about researching a better way to restore his mobility and flexibility. It was this research that gave birth to his hyperbolic stretching program.

Initially this was only available via his e-book but he recently committed to creating an online video course, which is what we are reviewing here.

Alex Larsson Hyperbolic Stretching Become Flexible Fast

As you can see, Alex most definitely knows his stuff:

Features of Hyperbolic Stretching

At first glance the Hyperbolic Stretching Program appears to be a comprehensive system of stretching which offers whole body improvements in flexibility.

Standout features of the program are:

  • Alex is so confident in his program that he offers a full 60-day refund if you’re not entirely satisfied with your results.
  • The system is designed around short, intense stretching exercises which Alex believes will make your legs flexible fast.
  • The hyperbolic stretching program trains you to safely overcome the muscle survival reflex – a protective reflex which contracts a muscle when it’s stretched beyond its usual range of motion.
  • The program is structured around a select number of stretching positions which are known to be the most effective for improving flexibility.
  • The stretches are safe and are suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes.
  • The program claims to radically improve flexibility, burn calories and boost muscular strength.
  • Completion of the program will result in easier and deeper movements, greater range of motion and improved balance.
  • Relief of tension and corresponding improvement in energy levels
  • Progressive relaxation of the back and hips.
  • 21 videos focusing upon the following areas:
    • Side split
    • Front split
    • Dynamic flexibility & stretching
    • Upper body stretching
    • Pike
    • Easy Bridge

The cost of the program is $27. If the claims of the program are delivered upon, then it is exceptionally good value for money.

About the Reviewer

Before I dig into the review, it would be helpful if I shared a little about me and where I am on the scale of flexibility going into this program.

If you’ve read our articles on why we find leg days so hard or lifting weights with a hiatal hernia, you’ll know that we place a lot of value on stretching to improve flexibility and mobility. It’s undoubtedly the most neglected aspect of most people’s workout regime – including my own!

For all my words about how we should do more to look after our flexibility and improve our range of motion, I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t walk the talk!

I’m about as flexible as a piece of balsa wood!

So this was my opportunity to invest in a well regarded system and commit to a 30-day program that promises to sort my poor flexibility out once and for all.

When I say poor flexibility, as I began the program I couldn’t touch my toes in a standing position. My finger tips would reach mid-way down my shin.

Attempting a seated toe touch is a similarly painful and unsuccessful!

So come along on my journey through the 30-day Hyperbolic Stretching Program, judge my results and make your own mind up about whether this program could be right for you.

I’m also going to try to convince my 12-year-old son to take part. Too much time spent on his gaming console means that he’s already following me into inflexibility and stiffness and I’m really keen to encourage him to get flexible while he’s young.

Hyperbolic Stretching: The Review

Making the Purchase (Beware of the Upselling!)

Hyperbolic Stretching Get Flexible Legs Fast

I clicked the “Buy Now” button on the main page and entered my payment details on the next page that appeared.

I was then taken through several options to buy additional modules, but I didn’t really pay too much attention (something which I am already regretting – more on that later).

I don’t know about you, but I find certain types of marketing a bit off putting and if anything, these pre-checkout, last-minute offers make me less likely to buy stuff, regardless of how good the offer may genuinely be.

So I bought the basic $27 package and got stuck in right away.

Accessing The Program

After making the purchase I was sent a confirmation email which contains a link through which I was able to access the program.

This is presented on a secure web-page which contains all the videos which are organized in the areas we listed above (side split, front split, dynamic flexibility & stretching, upper body stretching, pike, easy bridge).

There’s also an “introduction & helpful tips” area which give you all the information you need in order to decide how you’re going to approach the hyperbolic stretching program.

I was pleased to find that I could access this via my desktop, mobile or tablet and the videos played well regardless of which device I was using.

The Structure of The Hyperbolic Stretching Program

The program is flexible (no pun intended) with regard to the structure of the program and the frequency of sessions.

Alex recommends a minimum of 6 sessions per week: 3 on side-splits, 3 on front-splits. I’ve chosen to follow this structure and am adding in the pike sessions 3 times per week and upper-body stretches on the days I have a resistance work-out (currently no more than 3 days per week).

My Progress

Before I began the program, I asked my wife to take a picture of me attempting to touch my toes. As you can see, I have no ability to hinge at the hips at all, which means I end up trying to fold my upper-mid back area instead. What a mess!!

I’ve always been very inflexible and have simply done my best to work around my limitations rather than address them head-on.

This has been to my ultimate detriment and I wish that this program existed decades ago as I get the impression that it’s going to profoundly change my health for the better.

I’ve also added a picture of an attempt to touch my toes while sitting. Again, it’s an impossibility for me as I begin the Hyperbolic Stretching program.

I hope that by the end of the 30 days course I can post photos of me touching my toes.

Given how inflexible I feel though, I have to admit that I have my doubts whether this is even possible in such a short time.

Stretching Diary

Day 1

So it’s the 14 August 2021 and I’ve just completed the first session of front-split stretches. The hyperbolic stretch video was great.

Alex is exceptionally clear in his vocal instructions and the videos are more than adequate to demonstrate what I needed to do. Okay, so they’re not as slick as something like P90X in terms of their production, but it really doesn’t matter because you are left knowing exactly what to do.

Over the last couple of years I’ve intermittently tried many stretching techniques via various pilates, yoga and fitness professionals on YouTube. None of them have really helped. So I was pleased to find that Alex was leading me through movements I’ve never tried before.

His technique definitely seemed different to the stretch techniques I’ve tried previously and upon completing the session, my legs and hips felt surprisingly loose and springy!

I’m getting a good feeling about the Hyperbolic Stretching Program and am excited to see how I progress.

Remember me mentioning how I was already regretting the offers I had skipped? Well one of them was $10 for The Flexibility Keeper & Mobility Flows. I just know that if I see good results I’m going to wish I had taken the plunge and bought this module.

There’s no way I want to let any flexibility improvements I attain, slip away!

Anyway, Day 1 done. It was an intense 8 minutes. I found myself sweating whilst doing the movements and certainly felt that I had been put through a very tough session.

Day 2

After a 5k run, I repeated the front-split stretches. My legs felt tired during the run and throughout it I could feel that I’d been working on my hamstrings yesterday. Today’s stretches were completed without any drama. It’s a good session which passes quickly. You can feel that you’re working deep within the hips and hamstrings.

Day 3

Today I followed the week 1 Side Split Video.

There was a useful introduction video to watch before starting the routine which helped to explain the movements I would be doing. Most of these movements I’ve never done before and could feel the burn in my outer hip area immediately.

The fact that I’ve not seen these movements performed in the various YouTube stretching videos that I’ve previously been relying on, gives me some hope that the Hyperbolic Stretching Program genuinely does offer something different.

As for the side split exercises, I find these particularly uncomfortable. My brain just doesn’t seem to want to allow my legs to be stretched wide open!!

It was another thorough stretching workout.

Day 4

Today, after attempting the Cindy WOD, I followed the front split week 1 and upper body stretch videos.

The upper body stretch felt amazing after the workout and I felt a big difference in my chest and shoulders. The front-split video is very difficult for me because I am so incredibly inflexible. But I’m giving it my all and am finding it both enjoyable and strangely relaxing, considering it’s so tough!

Day 5

After completing my 5k run it was time for the week 1 side-split routine. I’d already done my post-run cool down stretching and it felt good to get stuck into the more intense and slightly painful side-split drills and stretches.

I’m so inflexible that I just can’t imagine ever being able to do side splits, but I have noticed that I am feeling a bit better when picking items up off the floor or reaching down to tie my shoe laces. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of the loosening up process!

Oh and I reckon I might start having nightmares soon of Alex saying his mantra: “increase” (you need to watch the videos to understand).

Day 6

Today as I walked up the stairs that lead to my office at work, I could feel a deep ache within my pelvis. This is a sensation I’ve not felt before and is definitely related to yesterdays stretches. It actually felt good to know that the exercises are having an effect.

Even better was the Cindy workout. I got two extra rounds than in my last workout and I felt that I was able to squat with better form – sitting deeper into the squat and not leaning forward quite so much.

Day 7

What a week! It’s flown by and today it was back to the side-split program, which I completed after my 5k run. It’s difficult to gauge whether I’m getting any deeper into the side split, but I’m feeling a little more confident in performing the stretch.

So 1 week in, let’s have a look at whether I’m making any progress:

Day 1
Day 7
Day 1
Day 7

What do you think? Is my upper back just stretching more, exacerbating my rounded back, or is there some genuine improvement here? Looking at my lower back on both stretches, I think that there is a slight improvement in the degree of hip-hinge; but it’s not much.

It’s enough to keep me motivated though and I can report that I’m feeling really well and more comfortable in my body than I have for a long time.

Day 8

Ooops! I forgot to move on to the week 2 Front Split videos. Not to worry, I’m still so far from being able to front split that this workout is still incredibly challenging for me.

I did watch the week two video afterward though and it seems that it builds on strength gained over the previous week rather than requiring any increased flexibility and range of motion.

I also completed the Front Pike video.

I have to say that today the exercises felt as tough as ever and I seemed to be less flexible than when I last attempted them.

I watched the Dynamic Stretching video and I’m going to do this workout every morning seven days a week. Hopefully this will accelerate my flexibility gains.

Day 9

Rest Day

Day 10

I moved into the week 2 side split videos. This was a mistake! I simply don’t have the flexibility to even get into the starting position of certain exercises. I’ll stick with the beginner side split videos until I can see a significant deepening of my side splits.

I forgot to do the dynamic stretching routine this morning, so I added it after the side split video as advised in the program instructions. I thought this was great – very enjoyable, and you can feel the deep engagement in the hips. Let’s hope that this starts to open and loosen my hips.

Day 11

I was working from home today, so started the day with dynamic stretching, and this evening I’ve completed front split week 2, and pike.

I’m beginning to feel a little bit of mobility improvement in my lower back as I hip hinge forward. I’ve still got an awful long way to go, but I’m hoping my day 14 photos will reveal further improvement.

Day 12

It’s been a busy day: work, a 5k run and a 5k evening walk with church. Still, I finished the day with week 1 side splits and the dynamic stretching routine. I enjoyed side splits and can feel that I’m getting slightly deeper into the split – even though it still feels that full side splits will be impossible for me no matter how much I try. Dynamic stretching was great and very enjoyable.

Day 13

Front split and pike today. I’m definitely seeing an improvement. Interestingly, the intense feeling of tightness has shifted from my hamstrings to my calf muscles and the soles of my feet.

Day 14

Side splits today – ouch. Oh and progress shots, take a look…

Day 1
Day 7
Day 14
Day 1
Day 7
Day 14

I’m really pleased with the progress I’m making. I’m now able to touch my toes for the first time in over a decade!

Day 15

Front splits today. I completed the session straight after attempting the Cindy WOD. I’m not sure whether that’s the ideal pre stretching activity, but I managed to get through the session with no more than the usual amount of grimacing!!

Day 16

Rest day

Day 17

Today I had completed Cindy WOD before hitting the side splits routine. Despite being in week 3, I’m sticking with the week 1 video. I’m definitely making progress, but the week 1 video still feels VERY challenging, so there’s no need to push things.

Day 18

I had been fasting today so no workout. I completed front stretch (week 2 & 3 video) followed by pike mastery. Painful, but I definitely feel I’m getting a little deeper into the front split. Still a way off from full splits though.

Day 19

Ouch! I had a migraine last night, so was feeling pretty grotty today. I still managed a 5k run though before hitting the side split (week 1) video. I’m definitely getting deeper into the side splits and it’s feeling less weird every session.

Interestingly, my son had to bail out of the run due to his knee being sore. He’s still very inflexible (like I was when I was his age and similarly addicted to computer games). My legs on the other hand are feeling better than ever and I noticed that my pace has improved substantially since starting stretching.

Day 20

I completed the dynamic stretching, front split and pike mastery videos today. I’m feeling good, I’m not sure how much progress I;ve made this week. I guess we’ll see tomorrow when I take the update pictures.

Day 21

Well, that’s the third week down. Dynamic stretching followed by 5k run. Then side splits. I really do feel like I’m getting deeper into the splits.

In the progress photos I was a little disappointed to find that I’ve not seen much of an increase in my lower back flexibility. In fact the standing toe touch looks worse this week in my opinion. Although as you can see on the seated toe touch, my fingers can reach beyond my toes now, so that’s definitely an improvement from last week.

Day 22

It was the front split and Pike mastery videos today. Felt a little bit disappointed with myself as I don’t feel that I’m getting any deeper into the front splits and my hamstrings and lower back felt really tired when doing the pike.

Perhaps it’s because I ran pretty hard yesterday and my legs were feeling tired this morning?

Day 23

I’ve had a cluster of migraines so I didn’t do any stretching today. Gutted!

Day 24

Another migraine!! I still managed to get out the front split routine. I feel like I’ve plateaued and am not improving.

Day 25

I completed the dynamic stretching and side split routines today. I felt like I got slightly deeper into the side splits but I’m still far from Jean-Claude Van Damme levels of flexibility!

Day 26

I completed the upper body and dynamic stretching routines before hitting the Spartacus workout and then completed the front splits routine in the morning.

Day 27

It was just the side splits routine today. This was more painful than usual because of intense DOMS in my glutes after yesterday’s workout. Again, I don’t feel I’m getting any deeper.

Day 28

I started the day with the dynamic stretches followed by a 5k run. Later on I did the front splits routine followed by pike mastery. Having complained recently about not getting any deeper in my stretches, today I felt like I was able to stretch that bit further.

No progress pictures until I hit day 30.

Day 29

Rest day.

Day 30

Final day! Today I completed the dynamic stretching and side split (week 1) routine. Here are my final progress pictures. I’m so pleased with my results.

What’s Good

Rapid Results

You can expect rapid results if you are prepared to stick with the program. This is especially true if you suffer poor flexibility and mobility because your initial improvements will be very noticeable.

Universal Appeal

No matter you’re current level of flexibility, you will be able to join in with the program. Beginners and advanced athletes will all be challenged.


Whether you want to use you PC, mobile or tablet, you’ll enjoy easy access to the program no matter where you are what time it is.


The program is split into 8 minute workouts. You can string several together if you wish, but there’s no necessity to do so. Everybody can find 8 minutes per day to stretch so there’s simply no excuse not to get flexible!

Unexpected Benefits

When I set out on this journey, I didn’t expect to find that my knees and ankles stopped hurting when running and in the days afterwards.

I also didn’t expect to find that I was much stronger and better able to complete workouts suchs as the Cindy WOD and Spartacus.

This is due to increased range of motion in movements such as the squat and more lower back, hip and hamstring flexibility.

Walking Tall

While my height doesn’t seem to have increased in any meaningful way, my posture is much better and I feel much more upright when sitting at my desk as well as when walking around.

Value For Money

The Hyperbolic Stretching program offers incredible value for money. In fact, when you consider that it costs less than a typical monthly gym membership fee but gives you lifetime access to a program that has the potential to transform your quality of life then the decision to buy is a no-brainer.

No Risk Purchase

If you’re not satisfied with the Hyperbolic Stretching Program , you can get your money back under their guarantee.

Better than YouTube

I have enjoyed many stretching videos over the years by a number of different YouTube fitness personalities. But none of them have made a meaningful impact upon my flexibility. Until finding the Hyperbolic Stretching Program I thought I was destined to remain stiff and inflexible for the rest of my life.

What’s Bad

Style of Upselling

I found the upselling when making the purchase a turn-off, automatically dismissing the offers. With hindsight, I wish I hadn’t been so quick to dismiss them, as I don’t want to lose my gains and may have to pay more if I want to have access to the extra workouts.

Results Taper Off

As you can see in the progress pictures, the improvements between days 14 to 21 were much more subtle. This does mean that you need to dig-in and make a determined effort to stick with the program, even if you feel like you’ve stopped improving.

My 30 day results prove that if you stick to the program you WILL keep improving even when you don’t feel like you’re making progress.

One Music Track

Each video features the same background music. This is only a minor annoyance but it’s a definite weak point to the program.

Lack of Personality

Alex Larrson presents and narrates each video and while he is a very clear teacher, he lacks the charisma of somebody like Tony Horton from the P90x program.

I’ve listed this as a negative, but in reality I’m not sure that it is.

I recall that by the end of the P90x Program I was sick of hearing the same jokes from Tony and his Jim Carey-esque mannerisms nearly drove me insane.

So perhaps Alex’s calm, measured delivery is actually a good thing!

Hyperbolic Stretching 30 Day Program – Our Verdict

So I didn’t even come close to full side or front splits, but as you can see in my progress photos I made incredible gains to my flexibility and mobility in 30 days.

I’m going to continue the program, as it has simply become part of my every day routine and I ENJOY completing the videos.

I’m also intrigued to see where I’ll be in 60 or 90 days… or even a year from now!

I’m an extremely happy customer as, even though I can’t do full splits, I now have levels of flexibility that I never really believed I’d achieve.

Simple tasks like putting on my shoes no longer involve awkward stooping or sitting down to complete (yes, I was that inflexible).

Hyperbolic Stretching is priced extremely competitively and offers excellent value for money.

In fact, at $27, I feel that it is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my health.

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That wraps up our review of Hyperbolic Stretching. I hope I’ve answered any questions you may have had, but please do feel free to ask in the comments if I’ve missed anything.

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