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Hello and welcome to My Small Space Workouts.

My son and I in 2019

I’m Matt and I’m delighted that you’ve found me! I hope that this is the beginning of your journey to optimal fitness and that the resource I’m creating here will become a valuable tool to assist in your body transformation. I’ll be with you every step of the way and would love to hear how you’re progressing.


My fitness journey began in the 90s when, as an awkward, geeky teenager I suddenly became interested in girls and knew that I had to do something about the way I looked! At the age of 15, I weighed around 112lbs / 50kg and could’ve been a star competitor in a Mr Puniverse competition! That Christmas I received my first set of weights and embarked upon a journey to become a stronger version of myself.

The next 15 years or so were spent in various bodybuilding gyms, doing the same workout routines and building all kinds of muscle imbalances and postural issues. I was growing desperately bored with this kind of working out, and as I stepped into middle-age, the toll of heavy lifting was starting to be felt in my joints.

In 2012, I discovered the P90x program and committed to it for the full 90 days. That was transformational in terms of opening my eyes to the diversity of exercise and the benefits such a program could have on the body and the mind. Once again, I had fallen in love with exercise.

But the problem with that program was that it was incredibly time-consuming – there was just no way that I could devote over an hour a day, six days per week, to exercise without it affecting my responsibilities as a husband and father to a young son. It just wasn’t realistic.

However, I took what had worked from my time as a gym rat and what I learned in P90x, and I built my own program around it: often working out in our tiny spare bedroom, or taking my adjustable dumbbells into work and having a secret after-work workout in my cramped office! In the years that have followed, I have developed a fantastic system for all round fitness that the whole family can enjoy together, even in a small home setting. Perfect for these days of coronavirus and lock down!


I often say to my son that I wish I had known all that I have learned about fitness back when I was 15 and starting out. However it’s such a pleasure to see both him and my wife following my workouts and reaping the benefits as they grow in strength and confidence. More importantly, I see my son developing the habit of working out: a habit that could help him live a long and useful life in great health.

But why stop with my family? Why shouldn’t you also benefit? I want as many people as possible to be inspired to take up exercise by the information I share here. I want you, no matter what your current level of fitness, no matter how many limitations you think there are in terms of the space you have to work out in, or the time you are able to commit, to see that there are no limitations and you can succeed. You will succeed!


Whatever date it is today as you’re reading this, my aim is that in 12 months from now, you’ll still be a regular visitor at My Small Space Workouts and that you’ll be confident in your body, fitter than you’ve ever been and happier than you’ve ever been.

That’s what motivates me.

So keep coming back for more workouts and more equipment reviews and recommendations.


I can’t write an “About Me” page without telling you that I’m a Christian having turned to Jesus in 2019. Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs are, whatever your preconceptions about what it means to be a Christian, please know that I’m only telling you this so that you will know that I give all credit for my current health and the healing I’ve received from some difficult conditions over the last few years, wholly to God. He got me through a medical condition that has killed others and leaves many others living lives full of pain. This blog won’t have any more religious content but you can always ask for prayer through the comments and know that my family and I will gladly pray for you.

One more thing: this website would never have made it into existence without the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

To your health and happiness,


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