BodyMax FXB20 Folding Exercise Bike Review: A Compact Powerhouse For Home Cardio

Dive into the world of compact home fitness with the BodyMax FXB20 Folding Exercise Bike – your ticket to a full-sized workout in small-space living. Sturdy yet surprisingly affordable, this bike promises a smooth and near-silent ride, complete with the versatility of an upright stepper experience. Whether you’re pedaling through a low-impact session or sweating it out with high-resistance challenges, the FXB20 is a brilliant companion on your fitness journey.

With its quick folding design and tiny footprint, it’s the perfect fit for any home gym, especially for those recovering or just starting out. Discover why this budget-friendly beast might just be the missing piece in your daily workout puzzle.

Introduction to the BodyMax FXB20

Take a step (or peddle push) towards achieving your health and fitness goals with the BodyMax FXB20 Folding Exercise Bike.

Designed for the space-limited fitness enthusiast, this bike melds the convenience of at-home workouts with the robustness of gym-grade equipment.

If you’re squeezed for space but require a vigorous workout, the BodyMax FXB20 emerges as a game-changer.

In a market flooded with exercise bikes that either sacrifice quality for compactness or convenience for cost, the FXB20 stands out as the perfect blend of both.

At the time of writing, the bike is available at a substantially discounted price of £99, it shatters the stereotype that economical can’t be exceptional.

Whether you’re bouncing back from an illness, strengthening your body post-operation, or simply seeking an enjoyable cardio session, the FXB20 is poised to exceed expectations.

Its sturdy build, easy-fold design, and whisper-quiet operation make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to pedal their way to better health without leaving the comfort of their home.

Bodymax FXB20

Why I Chose the BodyMax FXB20 for My Home Gym

The clock striking midnight on New Year’s might have come with resolutions and the best of intentions, but let’s be real here, the drizzle-drenched mornings and slate-grey skies weren’t exactly cheering me on to stick with my walking routine.

Coupled with a work-from-home schedule that’s packed tighter than a Black Friday sale, my well-meant resolutions started to feel like they were on life support before the first month was even up.

Lately, it has felt like life has become a jigsaw puzzle where I’m trying to fit an eight-day week into seven. Can you relate? And the first thing to get dropped? My commitment to cardio.

My days, carved into hourly blocks, were a mosaic of… well, you know the drill: zoom calls, emails that never end, and deadlines that keep on coming. There I was, glued to the screen, feeling my fitness goals slipping away like sand through my fingers.

I knew something had to change, so I went on a mission to find the perfect indoor cardio solution. And that’s when I found the BodyMax FXB20.

It promised more than just being an exercise bike; it promised a way to fit fitness into my crazy schedule without having to brave the rain or the cold.

It was all about seizing those brief moments of calm – like that sweet lunchtime lull – without the stress of gym commutes or the unpredictability of British weather.

I needed a machine that could silently cheer me on from a corner of my lounge, whispering, ‘Come on, let’s melt that stress (and those calories) away’.

And there it was, the FXB20, with its nifty foldability, turned out to be the missing piece in my fitness jigsaw.

Assembly and Setup: A Breeze or a Challenge?

When the BodyMax FXB20 arrived, it was packed in a large, sturdy box, secured with plenty of polystyrene to ensure everything stayed in place during transit.

This initial impression set a positive tone for the assembly process.

Diving into the setup, I found the instructions crystal clear, a welcome change from the often cryptic guides you might be used to.

The whole process was straightforward, with each component fitting just where it was supposed to.

The only minor hiccup came when connecting the wire for the computer unit, a task that was a bit fiddly and had me squinting more than I’d like to admit – though that might just be a testament to my eyesight rather than the design.

All in all, I managed to assemble the bike single-handedly in about 30 minutes.

It was a smooth experience, devoid of any real challenges, making it accessible even to those who might not be the most DIY-inclined.

The Folded Mode Experience: High Riding Adventure

Exploring the BodyMax FXB20’s capabilities, the folded mode offered an intriguing feature. You see, the operating instructions advise that the bike can still be ridden in this configuration!

It promised a space-saving design without compromising the bike’s functionality.

However, riding the bike in its compact state presented a unique experience that was both amusing and slightly unconventional.

Upon folding the bike for the first time, its compact form was impressively space-efficient, making it a perfect fit for the tighter spots in my home.

The transformation process was seamless, embodying the bike’s promise of adaptability and convenience.

Yet, when it came to actually using the bike in this mode, the reality was more comical than anticipated.

Riding the bike while it was folded felt akin to mounting a penny farthing, the vintage bicycles known for their disproportionately high seats.

The elevated position was certainly a departure from the traditional indoor cycling experience, leaving me perched high above the ground in a manner that was, frankly, impractical for regular workouts.

Not least because my head could hit the ceiling lampshade!

This quirky aspect, while not detracting from the bike’s overall value, highlighted the novelty of its design rather than its functionality in a compact state.

Moreover, when folded, the seat tilted downwards, adding to the unconventional – and somewhat uncomfortable – riding experience.

This tilt, while slight, affected the usability for serious cycling sessions in the folded mode, steering it more towards a brief workout than a sustained workout option.

However, transitioning the bike back to its expanded form was a task that took less than a minute. Simply remove the locking pin from the frame, expand the footprint and replace the pin.

The ease with which the BodyMax FXB20 could be adjusted from its space-saving silhouette to a full-sized exercise bike was a testament to its thoughtful design.

This quick modification process ensured that the bike’s high-riding adventure in its folded state was a minor detour in the broader journey of fitness and convenience.

The folded mode experience, though not the primary draw for this exercise bike, provided an interesting glimpse into the innovative design efforts aimed at maximizing space efficiency.

Elevated Ride: The Comfort of Sitting High

Transitioning to the BodyMax FXB20 in its expanded configuration, the bike reveals its true comfort and functionality.

In this full-size mode, I was able to utilise the extensive height adjustment on the seat to find the perfect ride height for comfortable pedalling. This still meant that I was sitting higher than I expected.

However, the experience of sitting high is not just a novelty but a genuine asset for those who prefer a more elevated perspective and full leg extension during their bike workouts.

In fact, I found cycling on the FXB20 significantly more comfortable than on my dad’s exercise bike which was significantly more expensive.

As already mentioned, during my rides, I found that the ability to stretch my legs nearly fully on the pedaling motion was a game-changer.

This not only made for a comfortable cycle but also ensured that my knees, often a point of concern for cyclists, were spared any undue stress.

The design intuitively caters to those seeking a workout that’s kind on the body without sacrificing the intensity of their exercise.

Handlebar Distance: A Slight Stretch

In its fully expanded form, the BodyMax FXB20 provides an ergonomically positioned ride that will likely cater to a wide array of body shapes and sizes.

However, one aspect that could be improved with a bit of adjustment is the distance of the handlebars from the seat.

This distance presents a slight stretch, particularly for riders of shorter stature or those with a smaller reach.

This stretch to the handlebars isn’t a dealbreaker by any means, but it does highlight the importance of posture and positioning during your workout.

For some, this reach may actually aid in ensuring a more engaged core and a better alignment of the back, potentially enhancing the workout’s effectiveness.

However, for others, it might require a bit of getting used to, as maintaining a comfortable grip over longer sessions could pose a challenge.

I actually spend a significant amount of time pedalling hands free, with my core engaged and keeping an uproght, straight spine and find this to be very comfortable (helped by the gel seat).

This slight stretch to the handlebars is a minor consideration in the broader context of the bike’s overall comfort and adaptability.

Resistance Range: Smooth Sailing Through Workouts

Changing the resistance on the BodyMax FXB20 is straightforward, thanks to the simple design of the resistance dial, conveniently positioned within easy reach.

A simple twist counter-clockwise drops the resistance for those moments when I’m warming up or winding down, while a clockwise turn dials up the challenge, pushing me to dig deeper and pedal harder.

The key to the FXB20’s exceptional smoothness? Its 6kg flywheel.

For those not in the know, the flywheel’s weight is pivotal in creating a stable and consistent cycling experience. It’s this weighty flywheel that ensures each pedal stroke is as smooth as butter, regardless of the resistance level I’m tackling.

Whether I’m simulating a leisurely flat road or conquering a steep incline, the transition between levels is seamless, making my workout sessions feel more like a fluid journey than a series of mechanical adjustments.

This smooth adjustability isn’t just about comfort; it’s about making my workouts feel more intuitive and responsive.

With the turn of a dial, I can effortlessly switch from a low-impact, recovery-focused ride to a high-intensity, calorie-torching session.

This versatility means that the FXB20 can adapt to my fitness level and goals: regardless of whether I’m planning on a prolonged session of steady-state cardio or a more demanding and interactive sprint workout.

The Silence of the Cycle: Quiet Operation

One of the most striking features of the BodyMax FXB20, and a real game-changer for me, has been its whisper-quiet operation.

Living in a compact space means that every sound echoes, and with family life buzzing around me, finding a workout machine that doesn’t add to the cacophony was top of my list.

The FXB20 has been a perfect fit.

The bike operates so silently that it’s become my go-to for early morning or late-night workouts, times when the house is still asleep, and maintaining peace is paramount.

This quiet operation is down to the bike’s smooth mechanics which together ensure that my vigorous workouts don’t disturb a soul.

Stand and Pedal: A Dual-Experience Bike

One of the BodyMax FXB20’s most welcome surprises is its versatility as a dual-experience bike.

Initially, I was drawn to its promise of a space-saving design and didn’t really expect much else beyond a basic cycling experience.

However, it’s the ability to stand and pedal that truly sets this bike apart, adding an unexpected layer to my home workouts.

Standing to pedal on the FXB20 feels like you have somehow jumped on a stepper – especially when dialing up the resistance for a more challenging session.

It’s a whole new way to engage with the bike noticeably shifts the stress from the quads to the glutes.

What’s more, in this standing position, the previously mentioned slight stretch to the handlebars suddenly becomes a non-issue. Instead, the handlebars are perfectly positioned, lending themselves well to a comfortable grip that complements the standing posture.

It’s truly as if the bike transforms into a stepper, offering a refreshing variation to the workout routine.

The dual experience of the FXB20 enhances not only the physical engagement of the workouts but also keeps the mental stimulation alive.

The ability to stand and power through high-resistance levels without leaving the bike adds an invigorating twist to the routine. It breaks the monotony of seated workouts and injects a dose of outdoor cycling dynamics into the indoor setting.

This feature underscores the thoughtful design of the BodyMax FXB20, making it more than just an exercise bike.

Value for Money: More Bang for Your Buck

When it came time to invest in a home exercise bike, the BodyMax FXB20 stood out not just for its features but for its incredible value for money.

At £99 (down from £299), I was initially skeptical—how much quality and functionality could really be packed into such an affordably priced machine?

But the FXB20 quickly dispelled any doubts, proving itself to be a powerhouse of value in a compact package.

Firstly, the robustness of the build was a pleasant surprise. Despite its budget-friendly price tag, the bike doesn’t cut corners on durability or stability. It’s sturdy enough to support a vigorous workout session without any wobble or give, which speaks volumes about the quality of materials and construction involved.

This level of stability and robustness is something I’d expect from higher-priced models, making the FXB20 a standout in terms of cost-effectiveness.

The range of features it offers, from the smooth and silent operation to the adjustable resistance and the ability to stand and pedal, enhances its value even further.

Each feature works as promised, contributing to a versatile workout experience that can cater to a wide range of fitness levels and goals.

The inclusion of such thoughtful details in a budget-friendly model is a testament to BodyMax’s commitment to making fitness accessible without compromising on quality.

In reflecting on the overall value of the BodyMax FXB20, it’s clear that it offers more than just bang for your buck.

For anyone looking to kick-start or maintain their fitness journey from the comfort of their home, the FXB20 stands as a beacon of affordability, quality, and versatility.

The Basic Computer: Necessary or Redundant?

For those of us already equipped with a fitness tracker, the built-in computer on the BodyMax FXB20 quickly feels redundant.

It’s not that it lacks functionality; it’s just that most fitness enthusiasts likely have access to more sophisticated tracking through wearable technology.

The truth is, you’d probably find a fitness tracker or a smartwatch more useful and versatile for monitoring your workouts.

That said, the computer isn’t without its merits. It features a handy lip designed for resting mobile devices or tablets, a thoughtful addition for those who like to stay entertained or follow along with online workouts.

This little shelf can transform a routine cycling session into an interactive experience, keeping motivation high and boredom at bay.

However, a word of caution for those high-energy moments: If you’re someone who enjoys cranking up the resistance for a vigorous standing session, be mindful of your device on this shelf.

The intensity of your workout could potentially jostle your tablet or phone, risking a tumble.

Storage and Portability: A Space-Saving Solution

In my quest for the ultimate home cardio workout, the BodyMax FXB20 stands out as a paragon of efficiency, blending the compactness required for tight living spaces with the robustness of a near-commercial workout experience.

It’s a rare find in the world of exercise equipment, where size often dictates capability. This bike, however, breaks the mold by offering the best of both worlds.

The genius of the FXB20 lies in its design for rapid transformation.

Switching from its expanded form to storage mode is effortless. This hassle-free transition is a game-changer for anyone with a busy schedule or limited space.

Gone are the days of wrestling with bulky, unwieldy equipment.

With the FXB20, a smooth, quick change means your living room can transform back from a gym to a lounge in moments, allowing for a spontaneous workout whenever the mood strikes or your calendar allows.

This feature alone catapults the BodyMax FXB20 into a league of its own. Not only does it respect your living space by tucking away neatly, but it also respects your time, eliminating any dread associated with setup or pack-away.

It’s this understanding of the user’s needs that makes the FXB20 not just an exercise bike, but a seamless part of a lifestyle committed to fitness without compromise.

Final Verdict: Is the BodyMax FXB20 a Keeper?

After clocking in several sessions with the BodyMax FXB20, navigating its features, and really getting to grips with what it offers, it’s time to lay down the final word: Is this bike sticking around? Absolutely, it’s a game changer in our house.

Yes, at its core, the FXB20 is “just an exercise bike.” But to leave it at that would be underselling it.

This isn’t about over-the-top bells and whistles; it’s about solid, dependable performance that genuinely surprises, especially when you consider the price tag.

The bike strikes a fine balance between being compact enough for a small living space and robust enough to deliver a workout that punches well above its weight.

The ease of flipping between its compact storage mode and being ready to ride is a standout feature, eliminating any of the faff associated with pre-workout setup.

It respects your living space and your time in equal measure.

And while it has a few quirks – like the stretch to the handlebars or the basic nature of the onboard computer – these are minor in the grand scheme of things.

So, is the FXB20 a keeper?

Without a doubt.

It’s an exercise bike that exceeds expectations, delivering a solid workout without needing a floor plan the size of a garage to house it. For its blend of practicality, performance, and price, the FXB20 isn’t just staying in my home gym; it’s earning its keep with every ride.

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