Metabolic Stretching Review (Read BEFORE You Buy)

The Metabolic Stretching program is a unique system of exercise that promises to torch body fat while also improving your flexibility. In this Metabolic Stretching review you will discover that depending upon your goals, Metabolic Stretching is an excellent program that will deliver upon its promises. It’s also convenient and will continue to challenge you, even as your fitness and flexibility improve. What’s not to like? Read the full review to find out!


Who is Metabolic Stretching For?

Metabolic Stretching

Have you ever looked in the mirror and just thought, how did I get here?

Maybe you saw some video footage of yourself and can’t believe how stiff you look when moving around.

Or maybe, like me, you’ve become tired of not being able to easily put your socks or shoes on and know that your flexibility is suffering because you’re spending too much time sitting.

I have worked office jobs and currently work from home, spending most of my time sat down, staring at a monitor. All the flexibility gains I had made from the last program I had tried had disappeared.

I knew that I needed to do something.

But between working a hectic and draining day job and all the commitments of family life, finding the time and motivation was really tough.

That’s when I discovered Metabolic Stretching.

About Metabolic Stretching

The Metabolic Stretching system is a program of exercise, delivered by video, that promises to burn away excess body fat while improving your flexibility and mobility.

It claims to be quick and easy to incorporate into your life.

There is no need to invest in any equipment to complete the program and the man behind it, Brian Klepacki, claims that you won’t have any problems familiarising and performing the movements.

Brian Klepacki: the man behind Metabolic Stretching

Brian Klepacki is a professional coach and functional movement specialist who holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Science.

He’s also a triathlete and a strength trainer, so he certainly knows what he’s talking about.

After around two decades of transforming the lives and bodies of his private clients, he is certainly someone who appears to ‘walk the talk’.

He has a passion for correcting the misinformation that proliferates in the health and fitness training and he seems to take a no-nonsense, understated approach when talking about fitness and what can realistically be achieved.

He seems more relaxed, less frantic, than some of the ‘fitness experts’ who present certain high-intensity exercise programs.

I think I’d get along well with Brian as his values seem to be aligned with my own.

The Theory Behind Metabolic Stretching

Up to this point I’m fully on board…

I can see the need for the Metabolic Stretching program and I like the man behind it. He seems like a good guy.

But the theory behind it caused me to raise an eyebrow. Brian claims that he discovered a specific way of stretching that burns calories and reduces body fat around three times more effectively than any other stretch.

I can’t see links to any studies supporting that claim on the Metabolic Stretching website.

But let’s dig into that claim, because actually, I don’t believe it’s much of a claim at all!

All Brian is claiming, is that there is a way of stretching that burns fat more effectively than other ways of stretching. Given that stretching isn’t associated with fat loss in the first place, I can’t get too excited about that claim.

Maybe I’m missing the point.

However, I headed off to trawl through the scientific research papers that have been focused upon stretching for fat loss and came back without any decent studies to share with you.

That’s not what I was expecting or hoping for, but let’s not give up just yet.

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Features of Metabolic Stretching

Once you’ve purchased Metabolic Stretching, you will be directed to a dedicated page where you can download the videos that make up the Metabolic Stretching program as well as two free bonus videos.

I like this as I can save the videos to my tablet or phone so I always have them with me.

This proved very useful a couple of weeks ago when I found myself away from home with work, in a tired and run-down hotel room with no internet access. What else was I going to do?

Metabolic Stretching made that stay a bit more enjoyable than it otherwise would’ve been! Anyway, that’s another story!

So, the videos / content you will have access to are:

  • The Welcome Video
  • The Beginners Instruction Video
  • The Beginners Follow Along Routine Video
  • The Advanced Instruction Video
  • The Advanced Follow Along Routine Video
  • Bonus 1: The Back Pain Stretching Protocol – Seated Position
  • Bonus 1: The Back Pain Stretching Protocol – Floor Position
  • Bonus 2: Metabolic Stretching Exercise Definitions Guide – PDF Booklet

Metabolic Stretching Review

So for $29 there’s a good amount of content here, but I have to be honest with you…

On the Metabolic Stretch website they claim that the three pieces of bonus content each have a value of $47.

I’m sorry, but whoever came up with that valuation has lost touch with reality!

One other thing – have you noticed anything missing from the video content?

Read the content list again and see if you spot the omission. I’ll reveal all in the next section.

Metabolic Stretching Review

So after making the purchase, I threw myself into the Beginners Follow Along Routine.

With that said, I made sure that I watched the Welcome and Beginners Instruction videos first. I found these to be helpful and gave me the understanding I needed to perform each movement safely and with correct form.

Don’t skip them!

I really enjoyed that Beginners Routine.

It takes less than 15 minutes to complete and is extremely accessible, even for those who have poor levels of fitness and flexibility.

In general terms, the session comprises 30 seconds of activity followed by 30 seconds of rest.

For me, I would’ve liked to have seen 45 seconds to a minute of activity followed by 30 seconds of rest, but even so, by the end of the workout you will feel much freer and looser in your joints.

I actually continue the exercises into 15 seconds of the rest period.

Because it’s not an arduous workout by any stretch of the imagination, you’re more likely to complete it and may even add it to the beginning or end of other workouts.

Even better, do it before and after a walk in the outdoors!

Because I work from home, it’s perfect for me to fit into my lunch hour: I don’t break into a sweat, but I do stretch and improve my posture.

So then I attempted the Advanced Routine.

This is a 30-minute video which is made up three 9 minute rounds each comprised of 30 second blocks of different exercises. There’s a minute rest between each 9 minute round.

By the mid-part of the second round, Brian is visibly shaking!

Have you spotted the omission yet?

If not, let me help you…

Where’s the video for the intermediate level?!

Brian may have been shaking, but on some of the movements I just had to revert to the beginners version of the movement. I simply lack the required mobility to complete them safely.

I really want to reach the point where I can complete the advanced workout properly, but it’s a great workout and a lot of fun. However, I would have appreciated a video for the intermediate stage to help me get there.

Metabolic Stretching Review


What’s Good

Great production quality of the videos – extremely professional.

Upbeat, motivating soundtrack.

Clear instruction and the Beginner Routine is accessible to people of all levels of fitness.

The Beginner Routine can be squeezed into even the most hectic of lifestyles.

Challenging Advanced Routine which will cause you to break into a sweat

Deep feeling of relaxation after completing workout

Gently pushes you to the edge of your mobility and flexibility limitations

The workouts will improve overall fitness and flexibility over time

Useful and effective short bonus videos to assist with easing back pain (ideal for anybody who spends too much time sitting – like me)

What’s Bad

There’s no Intermediate Routine which would have been a useful stepping stone to the Advance Routine.

Potentially overblown claims for fat-loss potential of the program.

Metabolic Stretching Review – The Verdict

So there you have it: Metabolic Stretching is an excellent way to improve your flexibility and mobility.

I’m sceptical of the fat burning claims and can’t imagine that performing one session of the beginners routine, three or even four times per week, will have any noticeable effect upon your bodyweight.

However, I’d love to hear from you if you have used the Beginners Workout in this way and can prove me wrong.

Overall it’s an enjoyable exercise program that certainly has the potential to improve your fitness and quality of life. With the presenter, Brian Klepacki, you are in safe hands – even if he may be trumping up the fat burning efficacy of the program!

For me, the main benefit is that I have a quick, easy workout on my mobile that is focused on improving my flexibility and mobility which I can fit in to even the most difficult of days. That can’t be underestimated.


But if you are looking for a more hardcore stretching program that promises dramatic results in your ability to achieve the splits, then check out my review of this alternative program of stretching.

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