Parallettes for Serious Power

A few days back I wrote an article on parallettes and it made me realise just how underutilized my medium parallettes are.

Not just that, it also caused me to reflect how there is a whole area of my fitness that is being neglected: mobility, flexibility and static strength.

So I thought I’d treat myself to a new set of mini parallettes, also known as low parallettes. These take up less space than my medium parallettes and can be more easily stored when not in use.

Where to Buy Parallettes

I’m based in England so I researched where I could buy mini parallettes in the UK and I found these from Mirafit on Amazon which get great reviews:

I ordered them on 27th December and they arrived today, 30th December. I’d say that’s fantastic delivery considering we’re in the middle of the Christmas holiday season.Parallettes Packaging

They arrived in a tidy little package, although it was surprisingly weighty. I took that as a good sign and an indication that these were going to be a sturdy set of parallettes.Parallettes

As you can see the parallettes had been expertly packed with each component in its own bag and protected by foam where needed. The bars were thicker than I was expecting and I could immediately see that these parallettes were going to be robust.

Instructions for Parallettes

Now these are my kind of assembly instructions! 1 page! Even I can follow these.

Parallettes Assembly

All the components laid out and ready to put together. I could tell upon unpacking the paralettes, that they were going to be very straight forward to assemble.

Mini Parallettes

Et voila! 15 minutes later and I had two rock solid parallettes just crying out to be used!

Exercises With Parallettes

Given that I have NO calisthenic or gymnastic abilities, I thought I’d begin with some beginner exercises. In fact, having just had two fairly brutal workout days, I was supposed to be having a rest day, but I couldn’t resist having a quick play!

The exercises I tried were:

  1. Jump Throughs
  2. Deep Press Ups
  3. Pike Press
  4. Knee Tuck Hold

Ouch! That last one was awful! How can staying still be so hard?! I was supposed to hold for 30 seconds, but could only manage ten and feel like I’ve been kicked in the abs by a horse!

I think its safe to say I won’t be being asked to join the GB gymnastics team for the Tokyo Olympics! What I will do though, is configure a parallettes training routine and share that here.

The Verdict on Mini Parallettes

Awesome AwardI can’t tell you how happy I am with the latest addition to my workout equipment inventory.

These parallettes have exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and robustness. They’re very stable and just incredibly convenient to have around the house, ready for spontaneous workouts.

They are at such a height that jump throughs are possible – even for somebody as inflexible as me.

I love these mini parallette’s so much that I am awarding them the coveted MySmallSpaceWorkouts Awesome Award!

Are You a Parallette Person?

So do you fancy picking up a pair of mini parallettes?

Or have you got experience of parallel bar training and can you give a novice like me some suggestions on what things I should be working on in terms of flexibility and mobility?

If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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